Our Story

Welcome to Baggie’s Beggies! We are a pet bakery specializing in human-grade, all-natural healthy treats for your beloved furry friends. Established in 2023, our business was inspired by the memory of our loyal companion, Baggins, who brought joy to our lives for 14 incredible years.

At Baggie’s Beggies, we believe that pets deserve the same high-quality ingredients and wholesome nutrition that we do. That’s why we handcraft each treat with care, using only the finest, pet-safe ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite is a delicious and nutritious delight for your furry family members.

Our taste-testing experts, Tuukka and Ryder, play an integral role in our product development. They eagerly lend their discerning palates to ensure that every recipe meets the highest standards of taste and quality. With their paws of approval, you can trust that our treats will be met with wagging tails and joyful anticipation.

Baggie’s Beggies offers a variety of options to cater to your pet’s preferences. Our bagged treats provide a convenient and long-lasting solution, perfect for everyday rewards and training sessions. For special occasions or when you want to spoil your furry companion with a fresh-baked indulgence, we also offer a delectable selection of doggy confections made with love and care.

We take great pride in being more than just a pet bakery. Baggie’s Beggies is a reflection of our passion for the well-being of animals and our dedication to providing them with the very best. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners, one treat at a time.

Thank you for choosing Baggie’s Beggies, where every treat is made with a sprinkle of love and the belief that happy and healthy pets make for a happier world.


Product Information

At Baggie’s Beggies, we bake all of our treats in our home bakery without any fancy machines; everything is lovingly crafted by hand.  That means there may be imperfections.  Any images on our website are representations of the product you will receive.  Each will be unique and hand-crafted.  

Because we are home-based, we don’t have a huge warehouse full of products.  That means that sometimes, the product you order will be made for your order.  Our processing times will vary.  You can determine the shipping timeline by the status of the item you are ordering.  The following are estimated processing times:

  • In Stock:  1-2 Days (our target is 24 hours)
  • On Backorder:  3-4 Days
  • Out of Stock:  Check Back Later for Stock

Items listed as “Out of Stock” are a longer processing time (we may be waiting for raw ingredients, or they may only be available during limited times); if you are interested in these items, you can request a quote and we will respond accordingly.

Note that we can make items not currently available in our store if you have an idea that you’d like for your furry friend, please contact us and we can work with you to make the perfect treat.  We are also willing to change colors specifically for you but do know that any changes to standard designs may result in an upcharge and may not be honored unless that is a specific option on the product page or is requested through a custom quote request.

Please contact us directly for large orders or wholesale opportunities at sales@baggiesbeggies.com.  

We provide local pick up within the Madison, WI area if you wish to save on shipping charges or watch our Facebook page for any in-person events!